Lawyer Dougure reveals money was plowed by blackmailers

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Alexis Rutman, the lawyer for Crystal Palace midfielder Sheikh Dougure. He has reveal the player has been accuse of blackmailing the player in the hopes of extorting money.

         The 22-year-old has been target by groups trying to extort money. By picking up the issue of having duplicate credentials. That will be buy out in the open. If they don’t pay as request ufabet.

Which Ruthman insists. That this is not true and will continue to take the case to the utmost.

         “Since moving from Lens to Crystal Palace, Mr Sheikh Umar Dougure and his followers have been the victims of blackmailing and attempt extortion by several individuals.

Which have apparently been effective. Profit from this business,” Rutman say.

         These individuals claim with false evidence. That my clients have duplicate credentials and demand. That they pay a certain amount in exchange for silence.”

         Many Whatsapp messages about this impact along. With false documents have send to my clients and followers in the past few days. This situation is very serious and unacceptable.”

        “My client and his followers will not compromise such an act. That subjects the perpetrators to severe criminal penalties.

         Therefore, appropriate legal action will be take. Including those who support, endorse, or transmit in any form to such slanderous acts and/or allegations.

“(They) demand the payment of a sum of money in return for their silence,” he wrote.

“Several Whatsapp messages to this effect, accompanied by false documents. They have been send to my client. And his entourage over the past few days.

Doucoure and the Blackskill agency have already plan legal action. These individuals and have asked for people. Who “would support or relay, in any form whatsoever. Such actions and/or such slanderous accusations”.