Lifestyle: Activity add green space to your body .and mind with healing plants

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During the holidays many people have begun to pick up various activity to do to relieve stress. And one of them is home decoration Which is quite a trend because you can stay at home. Anything that has decayed and deteriorated over time is time to repair. Or anything that looks uncomfortable, find something to decorate it. And one activity that people are very popular during this period is planting trees.

Advantages of planting trees : Report by สมัคร ufabet

  • Makes the air good. by planting trees inside the house. It will help make the air good. Trees will add oxygen to the air. and also absorbs pollution Including protection from dust.
  • Keep Calm. Planting trees is a time-consuming activity. Spend time watching the trees grow, blossom and bear fruit, thus training your emotions to be calm. Patiently waiting for things.
  • Make you feel good. Planting trees is considered a form of mental healing. Helps to make you feel good, calm, calm your mind, and relax from stress. Not prone to fluctuations in mood.
  • Makes us concentrate. Planting trees helps us focus on something for a long time, thus practicing meditation. Especially using it with children will help them concentrate better.
  • Helps the body burn calories. The movement of the body while planting trees and gardening will help us to sweat quite a bit. And sweating means your body has burned calories.
  • Helps preserve eyesight. Spending time planting trees It will help us to rest our eyes from electronic media. To preserve eyesight Moreover, being with nature Looking at the green color of nature also helps us to be comfortable with our eyes.
  • Helps reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer’s. Research has found that people who plant trees There is a lower risk of dementia. It might be because planting trees makes the brain work all the time. You have to think and remember which plants need to be watered how much. and is an activity suitable for everyone in the house.
  • Helps reduce the risk of depression. Planting trees will also help reduce the chance of getting dementia. It also helps to relax. Reduce stress, not be distracted, thus reducing the risk of depression.